A brief vacation from my travels.


I took a wee vacation from my travels through Japan, and flew to the main island of Okinawa. This small chain of islands nearly halfway to Taiwan from Japan’s main island is known as the Pearl of Japan, for its myriad beaches and nearly tropical climate.

I spent three days surfing, occasionally well past sunset, under a full super-moon.

Okinawa offers a variety of reef and beach breaks of varying difficulty, but as the result of a typhoon off the coast I spent most of my time up island at Ikei. I enjoyed a 3-5ft swell with gentle off-shore winds, very comfortable spacing, delightful + polite locals, and American radar planes constantly flying overhead on patrol.


I also surfed the most challenging break I’ve done yet: Suicide Cliffs.


Suicide Cliffs is a reef break that had a 5-7ft swell with amazing spacing, and a small + friendly crowd. At low-tide when I surfed it, the water was only 2ft deep.


It was a bit perilous, to say the least, but I was comfortable on the short board I’d rented, and it was completely worth it.



Relaxed and recharged, I flew to Osaka and continued my exploration of and travels through Japan.

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