There is a big difference between vacation and travel.

For the last seven days I’ve been on vacation in Priorat, a comarca of Catalonia Spain, drinking in the sun and supple reds this province has to offer.

The highlight of my trip to Spain was a drive to Buil and Giné, a winery to which much of my patronage has gone. The drive in is nothing if not stunning. Atop each vantage point I could often see multiple stone-built villages and hamlets, some hundreds of years old, nestled atop terraced grape vineyards clinging to the hillsides.


The day ended at Siurana, a small stone village which has naught but a couple restaurants, guest houses, and a charm which transports you back through time.

siurana resto

There, I had a simple lunch at a restaurant on the edge of the escarpment, amidst stunning views of the Prades mountains and the valley below.

2014-08-27 15.45.43 HDR

2014-08-27 17.02.09 HDR

Here’s a 360 pano from the roof of the restaurant:

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